Free Business Income Tax Records Excel Template

Being someone who spends the majority of their life with computers, I have from the early stages of working for myself put together a spreadsheet for my business Income/Expenses.

Over the years I have developed my spreadsheet to what is hopefully now a very helpful tool for maintaining a good record of my business accounts, which I can submit to the Inland Revenue with a lot less work/time on my part, allowing me to focus on my business.

I have decided to share my Spreadsheet for any other business people who would benefit from my setup.

Download Excel Spreadsheet Income/Expenses Template [xls]
Download Excel Spreadsheet Income/Expenses Template zip file [zip]

I do not begin to think it is perfect, but it has helped me over the years and I hope it does too for you.

I have included some notes on how the different sheets work and how the spreadsheet will automatically work out a lot of the totals for you, but if you have any queries, please do drop me a line.

Submitting your Tax Return

I also recommend using HMRC’s online system for submiting your yearly Tax Return. It will determine which parts of the return you need to complete so you do not have to wade through everything trying to work out what applies to you. It will also work out how much tax you owe/are due and much more.

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